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Hello! I’m Dominique Slater, a Flagstaff native born and raised.

I attended Flagstaff High school where I participated in football, basketball, and track. Post High school I came to the Valley to play Basketball at Glendale Community College and from there went on to play at Concordia University Irvine. My senior year at Concordia was cut short do to sustaining a bulging disc coupled with Lumbar Stenosis. I was forced to give up one of the things that I loved the most. My Doctor also told me that it would be wise to be sedentary for a year, which meant become a couch potato for a whole year!

After putting on an excessive amount of unwanted weight I slowly started making attempts to get healthy. I did realize the difficulties to come of re-adopting a healthy lifestyle physically, but not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Through my experience I have true empathy for my clients and understand the struggle of embracing a new lifestyle. My injury experience propelled me into becoming a level 1 Practitioner at the Institute for Corrective Holistic Kinesiology and a level 1 Bio-Print practitioner at the Learning Wealth Institute along with an American Counsel on Exercise Personal Training Certification. My past Seven years of experience have really allowed me to fine tune the meshing of corrective exercise with conventional weight lifting methodology. With this format, you, the client, will not only feel better, but look better as well!!!!!

Strength Training

Increase muscle mass and improve strength


Correct posture and gain flexibility

Weight Loss

Transform into your optimal body composition


The Gym


Our facility will provide you with the latest and most scientifically sound equipment backed by research to improve strength, stability, mobility and function.

We integrate a therapy table in each client session which includes treatment modalities such as massage, guasha, dry needling, etc. The necessary therapy techniques are determined by Dom during the initial assessment so you get the most out of your specific and individually designed training program. Corrective Integration establishes realignment of the body through restored flexibility and injury rehabilitation, while correcting muscle imbalances and postural deficiencies.

We build you from the ground up by creating a strong foundation using Bosu balls, medicine balls, stability balls and core activation training to prevent injury in future progressions. Come check us out and have some fun with our battle ropes, sleds, plyometric boxes, regular and fat grip barbells and dumbbells, squat racks, cardio equipment, and much more.

Dom Slater

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

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