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with Dominique Slater

Our Mission is to provide Progressive Holistic Integration

Corrective Integration Personal Training is for the individual that is seeking to achieve fitness goals with respect to improving posture, balance, and joint mobility.


We do an in-depth assessment to determine fitness level and functional capability of our clients that allows us to formulate an individualized program design that will progress our clients into safely achieving fitness goals, attaining optimal posture, and increase joint mobility!!!!


We advocate life Balance is key and realize that fitness goals can be inhibited by stressful busy lives, which then leads to poor nutrition and lack of sleep. We realize that there are factors that contribute to weight loss other than just working out. Our program design protocol will be tailored to complement an individual’s outside stress factors that may roadblock them from getting where they want to be.


We make it our goal to be able to integrate you back into doing the things that you love to do whether that be hiking with family, gardening, or simply just moving fatigue and pain free!!!!!


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One on one training


Buddy and group training


Online training


Sports specific training


Bio-hormonal and nutrition analysis

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Client Testimonials

It’s amazing what can happen in your life in just one year! We didn’t plan it this way, but the show was exactly one year and two days after my before pictures were taken. This had been a dream of mine since I was just a young girl. I had attempted a figure show several times before, but was never able to get to this level on my own. I started out in a lot of pain from an old injury and it was really tough overcoming my weaknesses, but Dom walked me through every step of the way. A lot of tears were shed trying to get my body back into alignment and definitely rough days mentally, but praise Jesus we got it done!! Dom is the most knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever known and more than that, he is an expert practitioner in Corrective exercise and nutrition. He is exactly who I needed to get me back in working order and living without pain. Training with him gave me a new zest for life, greater confidence, and allowed me to accomplish a lifelong dream.

Katie L.

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